World’s first Full Height Insulated Concrete Form (FH-ICF). Unlimited width, height, and angles; thus, creating endless possibilities. Rhino Form’s full height ICF has one the highest rated R-Values and structural strength in the ICF industry with an EPS wall thickness of 3.25″ (8.25cm).

Rhino Form’s FH-ICF uses flame retardant EPS resin that offers an R-Value of 30 at 40°F (4°C).

FH-ICF Panelization

Rhino Form’s patented full height insulated concrete forms are easy to connect and secure. The patented skeletal frame has two connecting sides, male and female, which are fastened with a cordless screwgun and lag bolt. Thanks to Rhino Form’s patented technology, panelization has never been easier.

FH-ICF Transitions

Rhino Form’s transitions can be used to make quick adjustments and changes on the job. These transitions easily fit into Rhino Form’s FH-ICF panels for a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

FH-ICF Point Corners

Rhino Form’s point corners are full height forms. Any angle and desired shape is possible with Rhino Form’s corners.

FH-ICF Architectural Customized Corners

Rhino Form offers customized full height corners. Any desired shape at any angle i.e. radius, columns, squared, etc. is now possible with Rhino Form’s corners.

FH-ICF Studs

World’s strongest continuous ICF stud system. Rhino Form’s studs are 96″ (8ft) long; therefore, the studs extend from the floor to ceiling with no separations or break-points.

Rhino Form's Studs vs. the Competition

One Rhino Form FH-ICF has 96″ long studs in its walls. The competition’s studs are only 16″ long in each block.

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