The Story Of Rhino Forms

Company History

Humble Beginnings

Established in 2007, Rhino Form is a family-owned business located in Alberta, Canada. Rhino Form produces affordable, full height ICF products, achieving the highest R-Value and pre-pour structural strength, unparalleled in the ICF industry.

Rhino Form has invented, designed, developed and manufactured this patented full height ICF system and the automated manufacturing equipment to produce this innovative form (FH-ICF). Rhino Form is the only company in North America to build ICF forming equipment. We are now introducing ourselves to the world market.

“Nothing is more satisfying than a customer who loves the work we do and tells their friends.”

Mr. Baader, Owner


Rhino Form innovates and implements solutions to excel and advance the ICF forming market. We are changing not only the ICF world, rather the entire concrete forming industry. The mission is to provide an affordable insulated product for all concrete forming applications. Our accomplished mission is connecting traditional forming to the ICF forming industry, disrupting the conventional market of the ICF world.

Why Choose Us

Working With Us Is The Smart Choice

We are the World’s first and largest patented Full Height Insulated Concrete Form (FH-ICF).

Unlimited width, height, and angles; thus, creating endless possibilities and unparalleled on-site setup time.

Rhino Form delivers excellent service and products by reducing the traditional ICF time of completion. Rhino Form’s R&D department focuses on product development and manufacturing equipment evolution daily.